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To be the excellent government institution that helps the life styles of the community in a beneficial way to the society

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To provide a service in line with the government policies, uplift the lifestyles of the society through a planned, efficient development process consisting of proper co-ordination of resources and participation of the people.

 History of Beliatta

When we concerning about historical information of this division, we can find some ancient ruins that belongs to the era which Sri Lanka divided into three Kingdoms called Ruhunu, Maya, Pihiti. Those ruins can find from Maligathenna, Udugalmote, Pallattara, Beligalla, Sitinamaluwa, Watarakgoda, Getamanna and Galagama even today. Those villages’ gives strong evidences for ancient Beliatta divisional zone, which developed and respectable families are lived and residences are placed on there

Folklore said that “Beliatta” name is become from relating a “beli tree” and a woman who sold “beli fruit” in this area. In the era of ruhunu kingdom there was a regional king named “King Minikirula” was lived in Beliatta division. Area that his castle was palaces called as “maligathenna”. And the place that king stayed to resting while he came to have a bath was called by “sitinamaluwa”. During his resting and bathing the place that kept king’s palankeen (type of sedan) is called as “pallattara”.
And also the “lunukade handiy” which situated close to the Beliatta city got such name because the businessmen who came to sold their salt from carts to this place. Close to “Lunukade Handiya” there is a ridge called as “Koti Godella”. Reason for the ridge was got that “Koti Godella” name because tigers and some wild animals are used to live in there.
Other than that Folklore said there is a place called “Kahawatta” which close to the Beliatta, thousands of bhikkhus are lived in there. Place which supplied arm to those bhikkhus was called as “Danmulla” and later it became as “Dammulla”.
During under British crown colony rulers segmented country in to counties for ease of administration. One of those counties was named as “Western Giruwapattuwa” which is name as “Beliatta Divisional Secretariat Zone” in present.
Beliatta Divisional Secretariat Division is situated in Beliatta electoral zone which is belongs to the Hambanthota District in Southern Province. Including the water reservoir the total land area of the division is 40 square miles. It is neither sear as eastern of Hambanthota district nor moisture as Matara district as well. Reason for such climate is Beliatta division situated close to the Sea and having monsoon rain regularly.
Except small kopjes in here and there, geographically all the area of this division is plain. “Rilagala Mountain” which is locates between hillsides in western boundary with 733feet high, “Bodarakanda” which is locate in southern west boundary and kopjes which locate Taraperiya to Maligathenna in north east are highlands of this division.
As wisdom of nature, this area contains large number of blisters. There are no any other districts having such number of blister in single division.
By the end of year 2010 the total population of Beliatta Divisional Secretarial Zone figured as 64082. 75% among them are in Agricultural Sector.

History of Beliatta Divisional Secretariat

Before the year 1974, in a small building maintain as a “Beliatta Assistant Government Agent” in walasmulla road karabaketiya. Limitation of the space they decided to move on into new building where situated in Hathbodiya junction. (Presently continue as Gemidiriya office)Before the year 1974, in a small building maintain as a “Beliatta Assistant Government Agent” in walasmulla road karabaketiya. Limitation of the space they decided to move on into new building where situated in Hathbodiya junction. (Presently continue as Gemidiriya office)

Necessity of permanent building they started to collect information about suitable places in 1977. After considering about several suggestions and exchanging several documents finally they chosen a place in “Kowilwatta”. The present office was opened in Getamanna road Kowilwatta year 1978 as “Beliatta Asst. Government Agent Office”.
In 1982 “Beliatta Asst. Government Agent Office” name was changed as “Beliatta Divisional Secretariat”. This divisional secretarial zone consists of 71 Grama Niladari Divisions and over 64000 populations. Providing maximum service to the public, developing infrastructure of this division and archiving development targets are the goals that facing by this divisional secretariat. To archive those goals all are dedicational working with using information technology and maximizing new managerial techniques.

Role performed at DS

 1. Mr.Sumith Abeysinghe

2.. Mr.D.V.Karunarathne

3. Mr.Upasena Senanayake

4. Mr.Athor Amarasinghe

5. Mr.Buddappriya Nigamuni

6. Mr.Ananda Sirikumara Lokuranamika

7. Mr.Chandrapala Mudalige

8. Mr.D.A.L.Nimal

9. Mr.K.H.Weerasena

10.Mr.Jayasiri Ruwanpathirana

11.Mr.Ashoka Siriwardana


13.Mr.Fransis Vidanapathirana

14.Mrs.Dileka W.Sahabandu

15.Mr.J.H.S.P Jayamaha

16.Mrs.Kanchana K.Thalpawila

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